Problems with Sky+

I came downstairs on Xmas morning and before I made a brew, ate some chocolate or even opened my presents, I turned on the TV for some background noise/eye candy. On it came with some overly repeated Xmas song…but the inane video never appeared. I flicked over-nothing. MTV Base-nothing. Bravo-nothing. BBC 1-nothing…sound but no picture…maybe it’s the weather messing with the signal, I’ll put on something recorded…but no. Couldn’t play anything back or play Anytime either.

I did the usual checks which for me include:

Are all the cables connected? (That’s Scart leads and also the 2 LNB leads)

Turn it off at the wall, wait 3 minutes and turn it back on again.

If you’ve still got nothing, it’s on to more in-depth activities:

Press the services on the Sky Remote, select option 4 then, in quick succession, press “0”+”1″+”Select”…this will get you the “secret Engineer’s” menu as I’ve heard it called. The first option here is “LNB Setup” and this sorts out a lot of problems. Turn the options off, save settings and press the “Sky” button to return to normal programming…you should see a “no satellite signal is being received” message. Go back to the “Secret” menu and press the red button to “reset the settings”.

Sadly none of this worked in this case and I had to get a new box installed. The guy came out, swapped the boxes and all seemed well. The next day I noticed that most of the recordings I’d set had failed with a “Recording Interrupted-Please wait” message being displayed; however not all recordings-some were fine which was puzzling. I checked that all the cables were properly connected, which they were, and became even more puzzled. It then dawned on me that the successful recordings were all from terrestial stations (BBC 1,2, ITV and C4) but anything off a “Sky” channel failed. I then tried channels such as BBC 4, ITV 2, CBeebies etc and they all recorded without a hitch…so now any and all channels owned by a terrestrial tv company worked fine but none of the others-I found, and still find, this to be really weird (if anyone’s got an answer for why this was the case-please let me know!).

A quick Google search for the error message (which isn’t in the Sky+ Trooubleshooting guide) showed it was down to the viewing card not being correctly paired with the new box. (Thanks to DigitalSpyfor that-a very helpful site). I ranfg Sky on 08442 411 258 (this is the number for Viewing Card related issues, the main number is 08442 410 800) to get the card paired up properly. The first guy told me to wait a few more hours as complete activation can take 24 hours (hmmm) I did and nothing changed so I called again. This 2nd time the guy was very helpful, send out “a signal” and advised me to wait between 2 minutes and 4 hours…I gave it 5 mins and all was working again-whoo hoo!

I hope this helps 🙂

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