Microsoft Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a new release out of the Microsoft Live Labs, “A single place to save or share the stuff you want from all around the web” as MS say.

I’ve had a little play around with it and it’s not bad. They suggest using it to share lists with your friends, lists such as your favourite restaurants but that doesn’t really apply to me as I don’t have that many friends & I don’t like that many restaurants šŸ™‚

They also suggest using it to collect info on purchases etc that you’re researching online (you could use it for other research too I.e dissertations, coursework and the like) but for this, I’d much rather use OneNote. It’s got more features, is moreĀ intuitive and feels a lot more robust that Thumbtack. OneNote is one of my favourite MS programs and I think really shows what Microsoft can do and how good software really can make things easier so Thumbtack does haveĀ a lot to live up to I suppose!

I can see that for more social people this could come in pretty handy, especially as it’s completely Web based so all your mates will be able to see what you send them…

All in all, a pretty good new release-just not for me…

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