Microsoft release Open Source Content Management System

Microsoft have released an Alpha version of Codename “Oxite”, their new Open Source Content Management Solution. Oxite is available from the CodePlex website here and it is available under the Microsoft Public Licence.

Microsoft say:

“Oxite provides you with a strong foundation you can build upon – pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous or authenticated commenting (with optional moderation), gravatar support, RSS feeds at any page level, support for MetaWebLog API (think Windows Live Writer integration made easy), web admin panel, support for Open Search format allowing users to search your site using their browser’s search box, and more – so, you can spend time on designing a great experience.”

It’s customizable, Open Source nature means that should customers wish to, they can swap out MS tech such as Live Search & SQL for other, non-MS versions instead.

This release seems a little odd as MOSS (Sharepoint) 2007 can do all this and more, so why bother? For the cynical among us it could be nothing more than an attempt to increase Microsoft’s Open Source credentials to gain favour with users and other industry factions. I agree that is probably part of it, but I also think it’s a genuine attempt to help people in the Open Source community benefit from Microsoft’s experience with MOSS 2007…but then I would 🙂

Let me know what you think of this in the comments…

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