Windows 7-Arriving soon(er)?

Windows 7 could be here sooner than we all thought according to Mary Jo Foley and Long Zheng.

Long spotted the following text on the PDC website:

“Be one of the first to see what’s new in Windows 7 and be among a select few to receive a pre-beta build of Windows 7.  Join us as WinHEC 2008 – Register today. WinHEC is the only chance for you to engage with the team at this level – there is not another WinHEC planned before Windows 7 is released.” (bold my own)

and then Mary Jo Foley says:

“When I searched the Web for “WinHEC 2009,” it looks like the next WinHEC seems to be slated for New ORleans from MAy 3-7, 2009 (although Microsoft potentially could postpone next year’s WinHEC to late fall, like it did this year).”

Could Windows 7 really be out before May 2009? I don’t think so-that just seems too early..but we’ll see what happens so watch this space! 🙂

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