Use Excel 2007 to grab live web data

“Can I use Excel 2007 to grab live web data?”. If that’s a question you’ve ever asked, or been asked, we have an answer..and that answer is yes 🙂

I saw this pretty cool video over at Community Clips showing how to do just that, and it’s surprisingly easy! I was expecting it to at least involve Pivot Tables but nope, there’s none of that-just a few logical clicks and away you go. One great feature is that each time you open the Excel sheet, the information will update!

This is one of those things where I can’t actually think of anything I could use this for right now, but I know that one day, for some reason, this is going to come in so handy it’ll be ridiculous!!!

Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up Literal Video

Rick Astley’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” is now a literal video-brilliant!

It was great to see Rick voted “Best Act Ever” at last night’s MTV EMA awards here in the UK! Finally some proper recognition 🙂

I’m a big fan of Rick and Literal Videos so this is a great combo. I don’t think it’s overall as good as the others but it’s still pretty great!

A shout out to OxyWeb for finding this.

Quake on Silverlight = Quakelight

Quake on Silverlight exists and is called Quakelight, this is thanks to Silverlight 2 and some pretty sweet skills!

You can find out more over and check out the video over at MSDN Channel 9.

I’m excited about this as I was a BIG quake fan (FRAG HIM!!!) back in the day and it’d be pretty quality to have Quake available to play online…

New Apple Ads Attack Microsoft

Two new Apple ads are again attacking for not using the word “Vista” in the latest run of adverts and also for spending money on ads about Vista, instead of using the cash on Vista itself.

The V Word:

The Bean Counter:

I’m not a fan of Apple much at all..I’ve got a couple of iPod’s around but that’s it; I can see why people do like them but Steve et al aren’t my cup of tea. Despite that, these ads are kind of funny and if they were the other way round, that would be the case even more so (!), however as the guys over at Neowin say “is this just a friendly competition, or are they taking it too far?”

Let me know what you think…

Tiger Woods-Viral Video

This EA viral video for Tiger Woods is brilliant..well made, makes a good point and funny too! It’s a comeback to a fan video showing a “glitch” in Tiger Woods 2008..

I found this on Steve Clayton’s blog tonight but it’s a couple of months old now..I’m not sure how I missed it, I must’ve been slacking (surely not!)..

Anyways, this is a bit of the Randomness my blog header promises so here you go:


Microsoft Unified Communications Demo

Microsoft’s Unified Communications portfolio contains some brilliant products and when they’re all used together, the results are amazing. However one thing I know first hand is that an actual demo works infinitely better than any number of .ppt slides and presentations so courtesy of Technet Edge, here’s a demo of:

Exchange Server 2007, Office Communications Server 2007 and Roundtable

Virtualization, the Mr T way

I found this Mr T does Virtualization video on Youtube earlier and it is an absolute classic! It’s actually an advert for Hitachi Network Virtualization but a lot of what T says can easily apply to Hyper-V 🙂

Check it out here

“You talkin about Storage Tiers? Hitachi are so good they bring their competition to tears”..Mr T does Homophones..

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