IBM acquire Turbonomic

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Another cloud management tool has been acquired by a large software vendor – this time it’s IBM snapping up Turbonomic.

If you’re not familiar with them, Turbonomic use AI to optimize and manage cloud resources, including reducing cloud costs, across VMs, Databases, Containers, Storage and more. This is further progress in IBM’s quest to become a cloud & company…according to them they are now the only vendor who can

“provide customers with AI-powered automation capabilities that span from AIOps to application and infrastructure observability”

So many cloud companies have been purchase over the last couple of years and Turbonomic have been at the forefront for a while. I remember thinking a few years ago that Microsoft would buy them so I’m not surprised they’ve been acquired at all – and it seems a logical step for IBM. I wonder if the technology will get lost within IBM’s enormous array of products and SKUs?

See IBM’s announcement here.

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