Snow Software acquire Embotics

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Snow Software announced, on December 3rd, their acquisition of the hybrid cloud management company, Embotics. This follows on the heels of Flexera buying RightScale, VMware buying CloudHealth and, a little further back, Microsoft buying Cloudyn.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a big focus for me (and a lot of people) and Embotics were one of the big cloud tool providers, along with this mentioned above.. Snow have been very successful on-premises and clear they want to extend that success to the cloud, so making an acquisition is a logical move – you get capabilities, knowledge, and people much faster than building it up yourself. The big next step is ensuring they can integrate those capabilities, knowledge, and people into the existing platform and company – Snow say:

“The process of integrating Embotics into the Snow platform will begin immediately, and the companies will have a single go-to-market strategy starting in 2020.”

If they can do that, I’ll be very interested to see the progression over the next 12, 24, and 36 months. Most organisations are going to be working in the “hybrid cloud” – part on-premises and part public cloud – a tool that can manage assets wherever they are and help make cost and value based decisions around asset type/location etc. will be very useful.

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