Windows Phone 7 can’t access Marketplace

I came across an odd issue with Windows Phone 7 yesterday. The device, an HTC HD7, just could NOT access the Marketplace in any way…updates failed, new apps couldn’t be downloaded etc. The error it gave was:

“The Windows Live ID service is unavailable”

I checked various settings but everything seemed in order. Wifi & 3G were working, the marketplace worked on other WP7 devices, Hotmail still worked on the phone etc so I was at a loss.

After some head scratching, a solution was reached – which I’d like to share with you all just in case it crops up.

Go into Office and OneNote.

Select “All”.

Hit the “Sync” button on the bottom bar.

That will bring up a username/password prompt for the Live ID used with the device.

Even though the fields will be pre-populated (probably), re-type the password just to be sure.

Hit “ok” and BOOM – you’ll have access to the Marketplace Smile

I don’t really understand what the issue is to be honest. I could understand if ALL things that used your Live ID failed but the fact that Hotmail still worked seems odd.

If you’ve got any ideas as to the potential cause – let me know!



7 Replies to “Windows Phone 7 can’t access Marketplace”

  1. Hey. I have hd2 n recently updated to wp7, I can’t dwnld ne apps frm market place, every time I click install its comes wid a mesg
    “Can’t get this info right now will get BAC in a while”
    Ne Idea ant this…

  2. hold power on power off till it says goodbye then you will get in marketplace !!!! a whole lot easier then everything you just said !!

  3. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for commenting.

    Yep, that works for some people but not everyone. For those times it doesn’t work then the post will resolve it.


  4. Hi. After hitting the sync button there’s no username and password prompt. Still can’t access market place. It says live ID service unavailable. Even switching off the phone did not help. Is there any other way?

  5. warning: this solution is only for those who have problem in lumia wp7 i.e “windows live id isn’t available right now try again later” or “market place is not yet available in your country/region” or “some changes might require your phone restart”
    Iam lumia 800 windows (7.5) user . Just follow these simple steps. They resolved my problem and I am 99.9% sure they will help you too.

    Requirements: PC, (windows 7 or later).

    Step 1: you have to create a new windows live id and iam gonna guide you how to make one. Download zune software. After downloading it, open zune software. There will be an option to SIGN IN on top right portion of zune software. Click SIGN IN. Another option of Create new account will appear along with two more options. Click on Create new account and then click on i don’t have an email address. Four options will appear:
    country: (for easiness write United States)
    language: (Eng)
    Postal code: (you can find postal code for any state of united states on google search.)
    Birthday: (optional).
    This is it! Zune will guide you through several steps to make your new windows live id.
    Your new live id will have this format:
    for example:

    Step 2: Now reset your phone from settings>system>about. After resetting your phone, go to Settings again and in region+language, choose united states and then tap to Tap here to accept changes and restart your phone. Your phone will restart again.

    Step 3: now on your phone, tap the tile of marketplace and try to install, download or buy any app you want. It will require you to sign in. that’s it!!.. write your new windows live id and password and after that enjoy!!!!

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