Tell No One

I’ve just finished watching an excellent film called “Tell No One”, the story of a husband’s turmoil when his dead wife seemingly re-appears. With intrigue, suspense, car chases, shootings, thoughtful twists and some wonderful acting, this 2006 film is definitely a hidden gem. It’s sits a little over 2 hours long but it makes use of the time very well with no real lulls in the pace and always making you want to find out what happens next.

One thing that may put people off, but I really hope it doesn’t, is that it’s in French with English subtitles. Often “World Cinema” is an instant turn off for people as the prevailing stereotype of foreign films is pretty much intellectual, self-important, boring and arty…and this perhaps applies even more to French films! Yes, there are some foreign films like that but there are also plenty of English/American films that fit that description, so I feel international movies should be given a chance.

Tell No One is a great example that foreign films can be just as engrossing, thrilling, fast paced and enjoyable as anything coming out of Hollywood and I’d highly recommend it 🙂

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