Crystal Reports Server 2008: New Features

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Microsoft is my #1 software of choice, both here and at work-but I am also a fan of Crystal Reports (now from SAP).

Crystal Reports Server 2008 is their very successful product for serving up reports with automating & scheduling capabilities-and this month, it got a Service Pack. It added a number of new features but the 2 that I find most interesting are:

Report Bursting:

Report Bursting allows you to run a report once and produce subsets of results specific to different users; this is used to generate bank statements for example. This feature was previously only available in the more enterprise products from SAP-but is now available to the mid-market 🙂 I see this being a huge benefit to a lot of our customers…

Auditing: Report Auditing allows companies to see who is viewing what reports, when, for how long etc, which can be very useful for ensuring that your Business Intelligence (BI) efforts are paying off and being found relevant by users.

There are a number of other features around Sharepoint and .NET integration that I will detail a little later…

3 Replies to “Crystal Reports Server 2008: New Features”

  1. Hello, and good morning. I was wondering if you know of a way to create a webpart in sharepoint using the URL for the crystal reports server and get it working. Currently the page will display but only headers; the login will not pass through. the page error = access denied utils.js

    I can’t install the integration kit becuase that errors out saying you need to have sharepoint services installed, which i clearly do, I think that is a resulting error from having a 64bit server.

    can you shed any light on this, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    James C

  2. Hi,

    have there been released any service packs for Crystal Server 2008. I find it really difficult, specially after the SAP takeover, to find related downloads for products.

    With best regards
    Dag Dagsson

  3. Hi,

    Has CRS2008 got the capability to do report bursting? It seems like I cannot find the option to create a new publication in my CMC -> folders.


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