August: A dotcom movie

I’m a huge movie fan but this is my 1st blog post about one…not sure why and I’m not sure how it’ll go!

I’ve just watched “August”-a 2008 Josh Hartnett film that looks at the dotcom bubble and overall-I think it’s pretty good. I skipped most of the bits about relationships but Josh Hartnett gives a great performance that makes the film dynamic, enjoyable and watchable…which is what you want from a film is it not?! Some great “start up founder-not acting like everyone else does in the boardroom whilst wearing a t-shirt” 90’s bubble style stuff going on 😉

If that isn’t enough-our good old friend David Bowie makes an appearance which is great as always.

It’s also got some real world tech presence with:

Ron Insana – CNBC Senior Analyst

Ron Insana

Jason Calcanis – Entrepreneur/Blogger/Mahalo man

Jason Calacanis interview

Buzzword quote of the year goes to:

“You want bleeding edge, mission critical, cross-platform, robust, scalable architectures…?”

It isn’t the best film ever made, but it’s definitely worth a watch-so go find it!

If you’ve got an unlimited subscription to Lovefilm (so you can watch stuff online) and you take a short (2 mins) Dell survey-you can watch it on there…that’s how I did it. Plus you might win a laptop! It might be possible to watch it online without taking the survey-I haven’t checked…

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