HTC Diamond Extra Features

I’ve had my HTC Diamond for about 8 months but have just discovered some extra features!

I was listening to some music (Happy Mondays I think) in Windows Media Player and the track started jumping all over the shop-backwards, forwards, back again and so on. It took me quite a while to figure out that I’d be absent-mindedly running my thumb around the circle in between the home, call etc buttons…and this was the cause. A circular motion similar to how one controls an iPod will move the track forwards or backward in  5 second blocks. I find this to be very handy…

I thought that was the end of these hidden extras but no. If you do the same thing while viewing photos, you can zoom in and out of them-this also works for pictures inserted in to OneNote Mobile…again pretty cool.

The final effect of this is that it can zoom in on text messages and make the text bigger, should you need it.

Perhaps these aren’t HUGE extras but they’re pretty neat and useful…and help show just how advanced the Diamond was/is 🙂

2 Replies to “HTC Diamond Extra Features”

  1. i have been using from 4 months.. i dint know that….thanks…that was very informative…

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