Amazing PDF Related Tricks

I’ve jsut seen this PDF How To over @ Mobile Read Networks and it’s pretty awesome! It’s “How to do Everything with PDF Files” without using Adobe Acrobat-so helping keep the costs down in these turbulent times 🙂

It’s basically a guide to all the various online sites and tools that can help with converting, generating and using PDG files. It includes all kinds of tips, tricks and hints some things I knew, some things I wished I knew and some things I hadn’t even thought of…includes gems such as:

Q: First things first – How do I create PDF documents on my computer without Adobe Acrobat?

A: Get a copy of DoPDF– it installs as a virtual printer driver on your desktop just like Acrobat and lets you print PDF files from any Windows application including images, documents, emails, websites, etc.

Q: How do I create a single PDF package by merging files of different formats.

A: Try Loop PDF– it’s a free service that lets you combine multiple documents, images and even web pages into a single PDF file.

Q: A PDF document has lot of links but I can’t click them as they are in plain text. How do I make them clickable?

A: Go to PDF Escape, upload the PDF and then place hyperlinks anywhere on the page.

This is a great collection of tips to have as PDF’s can be somewhat tricky when they want to be 🙂

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