HTC Diamond vs iPhone

I’ve got an HTC Diamond,  which of course draws a number of comparisons to the iPhone. I have to say that I can’t think of any real reasons not to choose the HTC Diamond.

Yes, the iPhone come with 8/16GB compared to the Diamond’s 4GB, but really-when do you need more than that? I’ve got an old school 40GB iPod that I’ve still not filled to even 50% yet..and my music collection, if all digitized) would fill over twice that I reckon yet still I’m more than happy with the 4GB my Diamond offers me. I’ve got plenty of albums on there along with a crazy number of pictures of my son AND various documents for work (excel, word, pdf etc), still with GB’s of room!

The styling of the HTC Diamond with it’s big screen and sleek, shiny black casing make it at least as attractive as Apple’s alternative. We could get stuck in debating the variances of design for days and never get anywhere so let’s move on. Let’s move on to the “Things I can’t believe the iPhone doesn’t do” section; these are all major omissions but not always well known….

The iPhone doesn’t include/support:

Video camera
MMS (Picture Messaging)
Copying & pasting
SMS (text message) forwarding
File transfer via bluetooth
Being used as a modem, connecting to a laptop to give internet access.

Of these, certainly MMS and Bluetooth file transfer are available in even the most basic handsets these days..I reckon it must take more effort to NOT include these features! 🙂

The lack of copy & paste functionality and it’s inability to forward text messages also prevent it from making any real impact in the business world.

Another element I love which pits it against the iPhone, is the fact that you don’t really need to use the stylus. I can navigate menus, turn features on/off and even compose emails and text messages, all without the stylus 🙂

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