Microsoft Silverlight 2

Microsoft Silverlight 2 is ready and will be available for download from tomorrow (14/10/08) here. (If you’re currently using Silverlight 1 or Silverlight 2 beta, you will be automatically upgraded through Microsoft’s patching mechanisms over the next few months..)

It works on a variety  of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. No iPhone compatibilty (thanks to Apple) but it does play nice with Google Chrome.

Microsoft have done some great inter-operability work here as the .Net Framework and Common Language Runtime are now officially cross-platform, with Windows and Mac support today and Linux (via Novell’s Moonlight work) coming some time in the future.

Mary Jo Foley over @ ZDNet also tells us that more mobile/SIlverlight related news will be revealed at PDC 2008..

Windows Mobile gets iPhone Features?!

iPhone features on Windows Mobile? A great idea and one that is pretty much upon us!

The guys over at PocketPC Thoughts have got a great post covering iWindowsMobile. a suite of Apps that give WinMo most of the best iPhone features! They tend to focus around interacting with just a finger so sans stylus.

My favourite addition is:

Winterface is the next generation mobile shell that completely changes the standard Windows Mobile UI. Winterface allows users to place icons to applications, settings, files, and contacts on several screens that can be rotated with sliding finger gestures.

This would be really quite useful and save me a whole heap of time finding apps and just generally getting to my stuff 🙂

FunContact is their contact application which makes it easier to navigate with fingers. While I’m not particularly into this as an addition, I do like this sentence..”a swift touch will stop scrolling, not open an accidental contact“…that happens to me quite a lot!

Head over to PocketPC Thoughts to read more here.

Microsoft Zune on Windows Mobile 7?!

Everyone’s favourite CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday confirmed that the Zune software will be available on Windows Mobile 🙂

This is the more likely conclusion to the “Zune Phone” rumours, so while we won’t be seeing a Microsoft branded handset, we will have the awesomeness of the Zune on our WinMo devices. Here in the UK, Zune’s are pretty much just a great sounding myth so this should give me a chance to leave the ipod at home once and for all!

Steve gave no word on timescale, but could this be the “new Media Player” expected in WinMo 7?!

I discovered this over at Engadget.

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