Windows 7 & AutoDesk: Project Cooper

Windows 7 has officially been launched. Today is general availability (GA) day (which means you can pop down to Comet/PC World etc and get it off the shelf) and we’ve seen a number of launch events all around the world. Numerous other manufacturers have been presenting alongside Microsoft to show how their technologies inter-operate but one that caught my eye was AutoDesk.

AutoDesk are makers of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, most notably AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT. I have to say I’ve never really considered that they would have any kind of relationship with Microsoft, so I was a little surprised to see that they were taking part in today’s launch event in New York, presenting Project Cooper. This new product:

“will allow users to easily and quickly create professional-looking drawings and sketches, or precise drawings with real-world dimensions, and share this information with others”

according to AutoDesk Senior Director, Emerging Products Amjad Hanif.

It has been

“engineered to take full advantage of Windows 7 support for multi-touch, including panning, zooming, rotation and flick functionality”

and is designed for those times that a mouse/keyboard just isn’t going to work. With it being CAD software this will be architects, interior designers, building planners etc when they’re on site. They’ll be able to sketch out ideas there and then, increasing productivity and collaboration – 2 key messages from Microsoft.

From a software reseller’s point of view, this represents yet another opportunity for Wondows 7 to open up new revenue streams and help us create better, stronger relationships with our customers.

You can see the original post on the Windows Blog here.

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