Windows 7 Application Compatibility

Windows 7 Application Compatibility is a hot topic and will only get hotter as the next MS Operating System gets ever closer. Will there be the same issues as with Pre-SP1 Vista?

Microsoft have stated that the vast majority of apps that currently work on Vista will work with Windows 7 too, however it won’t (and couldn’t be expected to be) 100%. It an effort to head off any potential problems at the pass Microsoft have released the “Windows Application Quality Cookbook” which contains a list of the aspects most likely to cause problems for developers.

These are:

  • Internet Explorer 8—User Agent String
  • Internet Explorer 8—Data Execution Protection/NX
  • Removal of Windows Mail
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)—Removal of Windows 2000 Client Support Service
  • Compatibility — Operating System Versioning
  • Server Core — WoW64 Is Now an Optional Feature
  • User Interface—Enhanced Taskbar
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)—Improved Queue Handling
  • Windows Server — Terminal Services
  • User Interface — High DPI Awareness
  • Removal of WPDUSB.SYS Driver for Windows Portable Devices
  • Server — Hyper-V
  • Server — 64-Bit Only
  • File Library Replaces Document Folder
  • New Binaries—Refactoring
  • Compatibility—Application Manifest
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)—SHA-2 Is the Default Encryption Algorithm
  • User Interface—User Access Control Dialog Updates
  • I got this from Mary Jo Foley over at All About Microsoft.

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