Virtualization, the Mr T way

I found this Mr T does Virtualization video on Youtube earlier and it is an absolute classic! It’s actually an advert for Hitachi Network Virtualization but a lot of what T says can easily apply to Hyper-V 🙂

Check it out here

“You talkin about Storage Tiers? Hitachi are so good they bring their competition to tears”..Mr T does Homophones..

Microsoft EBS 2008-Big Pimpin’!

Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 has got it’s own “cool” funny viral video, you can see it here.

This video is really good..funny, well made and gets the point across. Despite that, I think my favourite part is the completely serious (?) discalimer at the end!

There’s another great video about Office MLK’s that HP showed me, but I can’t get a copy of it or a link to it anywhere. I’ll keep trying but if there are any HP workers that can hook me up, drop a comment pleeaase!

Again, got this from Matt McSpirit

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