Defending Windows 7 against rumours

Today I saw an article on Ars Technica that I think highlights the shift in attitude from Vista to Windows 7, but first some background 🙂

Yesterday (Weds 18/02/09) Slashdot had a post about “the terrible DRM situation in Windows 7“; the gist of it was that Windows 7 contained new levels of crippling DRM that prevented users from operating their machines properly.

One particular quote that caught my eye:

“A legitimate copy of Photoshop CS4 stopped functioning after we clobbered a nagging registration screen by replacing a DLL with a hacked version” (italics mine)

Here is some who has hacked a 3rd party (non-Microsoft) application and is blaming MS and Windows 7 when it stops working! Clearly ridiculous and this is where we see something great-people were quick to point out the flaws in this post, both in the comments on Slashdot and also a great article over at Ars Technica.

I believe that if this had been Vista, people would have been happy to let the myths perpetuate around the Internet and I doubt anyone would have written an article purely to rebuff the points made on Slashdot. This is the biggest difference between the two Operating Systems-people like and care about Windows 7.

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