Microsoft Office Web Applications

Microsoft Office Web Applications has been announced today (27/10/08) at the Microsoft PDC 2008.

This is awesome!! Microsoft Office is coming to the Browser to compete directly with Google Apps et al, and will work across browsers including IE (obviously), FireFox & Safari for the editing and creation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote documents. The aim is to provide an easier, more consistent experience for users across all  their various access pc, home pc, laptop, mobile device etc..

Office Web apps will be made available via Office Live, which will have both a free ad-supported version and also a subscription based, ad free version.

It seems that Corporate customers will be able to take up subscriptions via their existing Volume Agreements (Open Value, Select, Enterprise Agreements etc) according to readwriteweb.

Readwriteweb also have a nice comparison between Office LIve Workspace & Google Docs here.

You can sign up for Office Live Workspace at

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