Microsoft Softwear

Microsoft Softwear…that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s Microsoft’s newest release. Clothes by Microsoft = Softwear!

There are a number of different t-shirts, some designed by Common (the formerly good rapper) and all harking back to the days of MS-DOS et al…you can see the full ranges here.

I know the vast majority of people are going to find this the most Uber-geekiest they’ve ever seen-but I think they’re awesome! The missus has just informed me that I’m a “massive geek” to confirm that!

My 3 favourite t-shirts are:

These are “in stores December 15th” according to the site but which stores and can I get them in the UK?!

**Update** Two of these bad boys (the Binary Code Tee and the Bill Mugshot Tee) are on, but just those two. They cost $28 ($34 inc Tax) and Urban Outifitters will ship to the UK BUT the shipping will cost $56!!! That means for one T-shirt you’re looking at $90, which today is £57.68…they’re cool but that’s a bit too much in my opinion!

I’ve had a look on but I can’t see any on there, hopefully they, or another retailer, will get them over here quick sharp 🙂

If you’ve got any more info-hit me up and let me know!

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