Quake on Silverlight = Quakelight

Quake on Silverlight exists and is called Quakelight, this is thanks to Silverlight 2 and some pretty sweet skills!

You can find out more over and check out the video over at MSDN Channel 9.

I’m excited about this as I was a BIG quake fan (FRAG HIM!!!) back in the day and it’d be pretty quality to have Quake available to play online…

Microsoft Silverlight 2

Microsoft Silverlight 2 is ready and will be available for download from tomorrow (14/10/08) here. (If you’re currently using Silverlight 1 or Silverlight 2 beta, you will be automatically upgraded through Microsoft’s patching mechanisms over the next few months..)

It works on a variety  of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. No iPhone compatibilty (thanks to Apple) but it does play nice with Google Chrome.

Microsoft have done some great inter-operability work here as the .Net Framework and Common Language Runtime are now officially cross-platform, with Windows and Mac support today and Linux (via Novell’s Moonlight work) coming some time in the future.

Mary Jo Foley over @ ZDNet also tells us that more mobile/SIlverlight related news will be revealed at PDC 2008..