Microsoft Product Terms June 2022

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Some new M365 F5 Security bundles made available – further expanding what’s possible for protecting frontline workers.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager added. This is what we’ve been calling Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability…it seems that will be now an umbrella term and Sustainability Manager will come under that.

Clarification that the SQL Server Enterprise SA benefit of running Power BI Server applies in a fail over OSE too

Tidying up of various clauses and terms.

No mention of the major changes they announced for cloud BYOL rules around Windows Server, Windows desktop, and Office.

Microsoft Product Terms: May 2022

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It’s almost the end of Microsoft’s financial year and typically things quieten down, but there is one interesting change this month:

SQL Server Standard can now use Distributed Availability Groups (AG*), a feature which has been an Enterprise only feature up until now. However, it is limited by the fact that the DAG may only synchronise with Azure.

The Microsoft Docs page (like this one haven’t yet been updated…

*Microsoft say that “DAG” is used for Exchange’s Database Availability Group feature and this SQL feature is to be shortened to “AG” instead.

The couple of other Product Terms changes are:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium added as a base license for the Remote Help SKU
  • Terms added to detail the guidance around CSP renewals, cancellations, and co-terms

Microsoft Product Terms: April 2022

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A few areas of activity this month:

Apparently, they’ve changed the Cloud for Healthcare licensing model from per-user to per-tenant. The “User Subscription License” option has been replaced but none of the other terms have been changed, so it still refers to add-on SLs etc. and doesn’t mention that it’s per-tenant anywhere other than the change summary. It makes sense as the other clouds are per-tenant…but we need all the info!

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Remote Help add-on has been added. Eligible pre-requisites are Microsoft 365 E3/E5/F1/F3, Enterprise Mobility + Security E3/E5, and Microsoft Intune.

System Center 2022 has been added.

“Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Digital Messaging” added.

Windows 11 Pro (per Device) is now available via CSP.

Microsoft Bookings added to Student Use Benefit for O365 A3 & A5.

Microsoft Product Terms – March 2022

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Again, not a huge amount of change in the Microsoft Product Terms for March 2022:

Microsoft 365 Privacy Management has been rebranded “Priva”…I thought they might change their mind on this one 😂 I guess they wanted to make sure there was something people could confuse with Viva?!

Expanded pre-requisite licenses for Cloud for Healthcare add-on

Azure Virtual Desktop per user access promo extended to March 31st, 2022 (although the section doesn’t appear to have actually been updated)

SQL Server Big Data Nodes have been retired – anything other than the “core” SQL editions just never seems to quite work does it?

Updated “no cancellations after 72 hours” terms for online services under CSP NCE

Microsoft Product Terms – February 2022

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Another relatively quiet month in Feb 22 but there are a couple of things to note:

  • Microsoft have added a number of education and government SKUs to the eligible SKUs for a range of add-on licenses. This includes Office 365 A1 being an eligible pre-requisite for Business Voice and bringing the Privacy Management SKUs to government.
  • The Azure “Hosting Exception” is now called the “Azure Customer Solution”
  • Terms have been added for the Microsoft Cloud for Retail offering – see more details in this post here.

Microsoft Product Terms: January 2022

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It’s the first Microsoft Product Terms of 2022 and, as expected, it’s a very quiet one.

A statement re: the end of Open Licensing confirms that:

“…commercial, government, education, and non-profit organizations won’t be able to buy new or renew software licenses, Software Assurance, or online services through the Open License program”

Another name change: “Phone System” is now “Microsoft Teams Phone Standard”.

Microsoft Product Terms: December 2021

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Not much to cover in the final Product Terms of 2021 but that’s often the case as we come into the Christmas break.

  • A couple of clarifications for D365 & Power Platform that minimum purchase requirements must be maintained throughout the agreement term.
  • Microsoft 365 Professional Direct Support is added (not to CSP). If required, it must be purchased for every M365 license – up to a maximum of 500.
  • A few additional Pre-requisite licenses added for Audio Services, Microsoft 365 App Governance add-on, and Dynamics 365.
  • Teams Essentials – the standalone edition for SMB – was added to CSP.

Microsoft Product Terms: October 2021

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A couple of decent additions this month – new products across EXP (Employee Experience) and Security as well as (some) clarity around support offerings.

Viva new products

Microsoft Viva Insights & Viva Insights Capacity SKUs were added. Not only do we get a new product but we also get a new licensing piece to watch out for…the idea of additional capacity SKUs for Viva Insights analytics. I go into more depth here.

A growing security portfolio

2 x Privacy Management SKUs added – “Risk” and “Subject Rights Request”, furthering increasing Microsoft’s security position. It does, however, look like there was some confusion between “Office 365” and “Microsoft 365” for the pre-requisite licenses as they list “Microsoft 365 E1” which doesn’t exist…yet!

Support info

Microsoft have added a range of information about their support offerings including Unified Support and Premier Support, as well as some of the additional services that are available to purchase. Making this information publicly available will be a big benefit for customers and partners alike, as it hasn’t always been easy to know what was included etc.

You can see more about this in my post here.

One that nearly got away

A change that snuck past me initially in July is that Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) is no longer classed as an “Enterprise Product” and is now an “Enterprise Online Service”. This means it is no longer required to be purchased enterprise-wide.

Microsoft Product Terms September 2021

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After all the excitement of the price increases and CSP changes during August, the actual Product Terms changes this month are minimal.

Various terms have been clarified including Online Services step-ups and Azure Virtual Desktop. Also a statement that the Glossary terms apply.

Windows Get Genuine licenses appear to have been removed.

A mid-month update saw a new version of the Data Protection Addendum, the “Microsoft Products and Services Data Protection Addendum” (formerly called the “Microsoft Online Services Data Protection Addendum“) published. This also means that a variety of data collection related updates were made throughout the Product Terms.

Microsoft Product Terms: June 2021

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There was a pretty big change this month as Microsoft removed a key requirement for “From SA” licenses. These allow organisations that have on-premises licenses with Software Assurance (SA) to migrate to Microsoft 365 at a reduced price – taking into account the investment in SA.

Back in early 2020, Microsoft added a clause that customers had to retain their existing on-premises licenses throughout the “From SA” subscription period. This presented a barrier for organisations in Europe looking to engage in the 2nd-hand software market and re-sell their (now unwanted) on-premises licenses.

However, in June 2021 Microsoft said:

For customers who choose to purchase “From SA” licenses, we removed the requirement that customer retain the corresponding Qualifying Licenses throughout its From SA license subscription period

It’s a very interesting move from Microsoft and I am keen to see what related announcements we might see at their Inspire conference in July.

Further changes include:

Windows 10 Enterprise/E3 has been removed as a pre-requisite for the M365 F5 add-on SKUs.

Remote Work Starter Plan added to CSP <– This seems to have launched in Japan in August 2020 and looks to be basically a “Teams+OneDrive” SKU

 Customers with Microsoft Project Plan 1/3/5 are only permitted to use Universal Resource Scheduling to schedule Project and Task tables within the context of a project

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