Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Funeral Parade

Microsoft have announced that Windows Phone 7 has been RTM’d (Released to Manufacturing) and to mark the occasion they held a great parade through their Redmond campus.

There were jugglers, unicyclists, fancy dressers and a funeral parade for Microsoft’s competitors such as the iPhone! Flickr member, and I assume MS employee, “Trioculus” has a great set of pictures on his Flickr account:


Lots of fun with a great turn out of people but the funeral parade has received quite a few negative comments on Twitter from people such as EdBott & MaryJoFoley. I can see both side of the argument to be honest…yes it’s just a bit of fun and done very much tongue in cheek but perhaps it wasn’t the most appropriate thing for Microsoft to do. People are quick to criticise Microsoft for almost anything so this just seems like they’re asking for it! Also, Apple and their other competitors will use this as “proof” that Microsoft are focused simply on beating them, are scared of them etc. That said, let’s have a look at some pictures Smile


Head over to to see more pics of the event,

Your thoughts on this – fun or foul ?!

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