Microsoft BPOS July Service Update

Microsoft’s BPOS updates usually bring great features and July 2010 is no different:

Hosted Blackberry Admin Centre:

While Microsoft have offered Blackberry hosting for a while, most of the admin features required you to raise a ticket with support. Now however you will be able to:

  • Add/Delete users from licences
  • Activate Devices
  • Perform Remote Wipes

all through the portal. This makes Microsoft’s Blackberry offering much more attractive.

You will also be able to increase your number of Blackberry licences via the portal, removing the need for paper orders. Decreasing now just requires a support request.

Live Meeting LifeCycle:

The Live Meeting client will now be supported for 18 months from release, and there are quarterly releases of the (free) client.

There is also a new version of the Live Meeting Outlook Add-in which goes about:

  • Improving the ability for users to respond to access control prompts when sharing control for Application Sharing.
  • Retaining the scheduled meeting on the Office Live Meeting service when an attendee has been removed from an invitation created by the Outlook Add-in.
  • Displaying invitees’ tracked responses for recurring meeting series that were converted to Office Live Meeting via the Add-in.

The Microsoft Online Services Blog is here:

Service Update- July 2010 Release Availability, Features Announced

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