Microsoft Defender Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

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Microsoft have introduced another member of the Defender family – Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

Certain features are available free of charge in any environment where Defender for Cloud is enabled, these include:

  • Asset discovery
  • Security recommendations & compliance with Microsoft benchmarks
  • Secure score for posture

Paid features include:

  • Attack path analysis
  • Cloud security explorer
  • Advanced threat hunting

and more.


Defender CSPM protects all workloads across multi-cloud environments but is only chargeable for Server, Database, and Storage resources including:

  • VMs
  • Storage accounts
  • OSS DBs
  • SQL PaaS
  • SQL Servers

Pricing starts from May 1, 2023 and is $15 per resource per month but there are discounts available for Defender for Cloud customers:

Current Defender for Cloud CustomerAutomatic DiscountDefender CSPM Price
Defender for Servers P225%$11.25/ Compute or Data workload / month
Defender for Containers10%$13.50/ Compute or Data workload / month
Defender for DBs / Defender for Storage5%$14.25/ Compute or Data workload / month

For more info and to see a complete list of free/paid features, head to the Microsoft site here –

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