Lync AKA Skype for Business

The title says it all really – Lync is soon to be known as Skype for Business.

It makes a lot of sense really as so many people are familiar with Skype – particularly the younger generations who will be the next to arrive in the workplace. Also, the number of times I’ve heard this conversation:

“Have you looked at Lync?

“What’s Lync?”

“It’s like… Skype… for Business”

Would suggest that the market research groups back up this name change.

PSTN dialling coming to Lync Online

This is a big one. It’s been announced at this year’s Lync Conference that Lync Online will soon have the ability to make and receive calls to/from the PSTN network.

PSTN is the Public Switched Telephone Network – the “normal” phones rather than VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones. This update will enable Lync Online users to make/receive calls directly to the regular phone network – will open things up to a huge number of users and companies.

I can’t see much more info than this at the moment – Twitter lit up with the news that this had been announced but that seems to be the extent of it! As I hear more, I’ll post again!

Tabbed Conversations in Microsoft Lync

If you’ve been using Microsoft Lync for any length of time you’ll that, while it’s a great product there’s one slight issue with it…you end up with IM windows all over the place.

For some, that might not be an issue but it winds me up quite often and now it seems it’s not just me as Microsoft have made a Tabbed Conversations download available.


I’ve been using this for a few days and I like it…it reduces the clutter on the desktop and keeps it all tidy.


It’s a small download to run and install the add-on & the tabs will appear when you restart Lync. Grab it here:

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