Microsoft Live Mesh

Microsoft Live Mesh was a big part of the PDC announcements at the start of November, and although it’s still in beta, I think it’s going to become very useful to a lot of people; especially once you can add mobile devices to the mesh.

I’ve started using it since I got a new laptop, as I now tend to blog on that while sitting on the sofa rather than than slightly uncomfortable chair for the desktop. There were a number of files such as pictures, drafts of posts etc that were held locally on the PC, so I’d be halfway through a post on the laptop and suddenly need to boot up the other PC too…annoying and bad for the environment!

Now I simply add all the files to a folder in my Mesh and I can access them from either machine…nice 🙂

Microsoft after PDC 2008

Where is Microsoft after this year’s PDC Conference?

I think Microsoft is in a very strong position-at the head of many points of the market, and hot on the heels of the leaders in others..Cloud computing, Web applications, Desktop OS, Collaboration and more..

Windows Azure & Windows 7 have had a massive amount of buzz around them, and it nearly all seems to be good! I’ve got a few colleagues in the “Anti-Vista” camp but even they are cautiously optimistic about what Win7 will bring us…I am ridiculously excited and everyone else is looking forward to it 🙂

Azure instantly puts MS in the top 3 players in the Cloud space, and I don’t think it will be long before the No.1 spot is theirs.

Office Web Apps shows that Microsoft ARE taking the web seriously and as an answer to Google, it’s a pretty good one! This will bring online apps to a whole new section of users..I don’t use Google Apps for many reasons..but I’ll definitely use Office Web…

Live Mesh was another big part of PDC 2008 and this could seriously make peoples lives easier, faster and more fulfilling…if it’s executed correctly. Mesh isn’t a huge concern for me personally (at the moment) but could be important for so many others.

All in all I think the most important thing that PDC 2008 has done is breathe new life into Microsoft, it’s partner eco-system and the end users, who let’s face it are the ones that REALLY matter! People once again believe in Microsoft, are excited by Microsoft and dare I say it, people LIKE Microsoft!!! 🙂

As Steve Clayton says, this really is Microsoft 3.0.

So hats off to Bill, Steve(s), Ray and the 1000’s of others who have helped with this and long may it continue!

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