Windows 7 at WinHec Conference

This week saw another Microsoft conference, this time WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) and, as at the PDC, Windows 7 has featured heavily. So too has Windows Server 2008 R2 and it appears Windows 7 and Win Svr 2008 R2 are going to be released on the same day, according to Mary Jo Foley.

New features will include:

  • Direct Access support, eliminating the need for VPN connections for secure communications
  • Branch-office caching (hosted server caching)
  • Version 2.0 PowerShell and Hyper-V releases
  • Support for .Net and PowerShell in the Server Core role
  • Live migration support within Hyper-V
  • Terminal Services gets repositioned and renamed as Remote Desktop Services
  • The inclusion of Hyper-V R2 with it’s Live Migration feature is a huge thing, really putting Microsoft’s Virtualization offering on a par with it’s biggest rival, VMWare.

    Windows Server 2008 R2 is going to bring a whole host of great features into the business world, to make businesses more efficient, cost effective and streamlined. Once that is coupled with Windows 7, I think Microsoft will again have really changed the game…so many things for so many people are going to be so much better!

    Hyper-V 2.0

    Hyper-V 2.0 features are already being discussed. Microsoft’s already great Virtualization product is going to get even better!

    The next version of Microsoft’s Hyper-V is going to include:

    ·         Live Migration (utilising a new Clustered Shared Volumes technology)

    ·         32 Logical Proc Support

    ·         Hot Add/Remove Storage

    ·         Second Level Address Translation – Leveraging new Virtualisation technology built into next generation of Intel/AMD chips

    ·         Dynamic Memory

    ·         Boot from VHD

    ·         Networking Improvements

    ·         Virtualised I/O

    As I get more info, I’ll let you know..I saw the above over at VirtualBoy.

    For me, the Live Migration will be a great addition as that’s one of the main differences between Hyper-V and ESX and I think it gives some people the impression that Hyper-V must be lacking elsewhere too (which isn’t the case). The addition of LIve Migration will certainly help increase the adoption rate of Hyper-V..

    It looks like we’re quite close to the beta’s being available..



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