Google Search Suggestions

As you’ve probably noticed, Google has recently started to suggest auto-completes for your searches…at first this annoyed me but now I quite like it. Not so much because it saves me an all important 0.75 seconds when searching but because it’s a great source of amusement; seeing what has been searched for, and how many people have used that search is brilliant! Here are some examples:


Not by using the internet!
Not by using the internet!
Looks like some people have watched Twilight too much!
Looks like some people have watched Twilight too much!

There are quite a few more just using “how to”…some surprisingly rude, (although with it being the internet perhaps not that surprising!) which I decided not to put up here.

This is another favourite of mine:

That bloomin' Matt!
That bloomin' Matt!

Is this the same “Matt” who keeps getting lost or does this show that all people called Matt are no good at being on time?!

One thing I find a little odd (what with it being the internet) is that “porn” doesn’t come up with any suggestions…I was at least expecting to see “How to become a porn star” but no! However, there are 54,000 searches for:

Cheap Transition metals...
Cheap Transition metals...

I’d love to see what great examples you can find 🙂

Windows 7 Missing Features

It seems that Windows 7 will be missing a few common Vista applications when it is released so an article over at ComputerWorld says.

It seems that when Windows 7 is released to the public, it won’t include Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. These will instead be made available for free download from the Windows Live website, in an attempt to get more people frequenting the site and thus more users downloading from the site as a way to take market share from Google.

Google Mail Goggles

Google Mail Goggles is a new feature available through Gmail to help prevent those late night drunken emails to exes, co-workers, evil park keepers etc.

You can set it to be active at the times you’re most likely to be drunk in charge of a PC, and it will give you a few simple maths questions just to make sure you’re coherent and in charge of your faculties.

I don’t think I’ve ever sent a regrettable email due to drinking, but I don’t think this would stop me really as the questions are very easy!

Examples include:


11 x 2

2 x 5

and so on..I’m pretty sure even if I was so wasted I thought it would be a good idea to email all of America and say that Tina Fey sucked, I could still answer those problems correctly!

At least they tried right?!

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