Windows 7 Features and Improvements

Windows 7 is set to feature improvements to the following areas: 

  • Migration & Deployment
  • Security Optimization
  • Desktop Management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Application Virtualisation
  • HelpDesk Optimization
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Branch Office Optimization
  • Remote Access to Corporate Applications
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Green Computing

Some of these are already big topics of interest such as Desktop Virtualization, Mobility, Green IT etc and I think significant improvements to these areas (or in fact any of the above) could well lead to great adoption of Windows 7.


A couple of suggestions I made were to include some of the Enterprise CAL functionality from certain products in the WIndows 7 Enterprise SKU. So potentially having Windows 7 Enterprise would give you the Enterprice CAL functionality for OCS for example..


I also think that rolling VECD (Centralized Desktops) into either MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) or Windows 7 Enterprise. Let’s see if that happens in the final version 😉

Windows Vista SP2/Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows Vista SP2 & Windows Server 2008 SP2. The release dates are un-confirmed but they’re expected to be with us before Windows 7, so end of 2009 at the latest it seems. *UPDATE-it seems liekly it will be the first half of 2009*

The word on the street is that Vista SP2 will include Windows Search 4, VIA 64-bit CPU support, and Bluetooth wireless as well as various application compatibility updates. Engadget point out there will also be the  ability to natively record data on Blu-ray media and Windows Connect Now (WCN) to simplify WiFi configuration. I’ve just seen a few more features that will be part of Vista SP2 that include the ex-FAT file system being enalbed, supporting UTC timestamps to ensure correct file synchronization across time zones and support for ICCD/CCID smart cards.

Windows Search 4.0 will also be part of VIsta SP2 and will feature Group Policy Integration to provide admins control over search parameters.

Windows Server 2008 SP2 is expected to give us various management and performance enhancements with DFS/FRS console and Storage Resource Manager. There will be Print server and spooler performance improvements for printers in Windows Vista and Server 2008 and backwards compatibilty with Terminal Service Licence Keys as well as the inclusion of Hyper-V. Also, improved error reporting in DFSR to help identify incorrectly configured deployments which lead to failed replication.

These are both anticipated with the next 4 weeks.

This info is from NeoWin via Mary Jo Foley.

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