Fantasy Football League 2011-2012 Season

For all the football/soccer fans that read this blog, I’ve set up a new Premier League Fantasy Football League for the new season – and would be honoured if you’d come and join Smile

Head over to:

and sign in/register.

Then go to “Leagues” in the top bar:


“Join a League”:


Choose “Private League”:


Hit next and it asks for a code:


Enter the code – 280698-83455

and away you go!

ESPN ScoreCenter: Android App

I’ve had an Android phone for about 9 months now and I’ve found all kinds of great apps, but the one thing I’ve been missing is a decent football score app. Well now that I’ve got Android 2.1 on my HTC Hero I’ve finally got one:

ESPN Score Center

This really is a great app. I’ve got the Premier League selected under “My Sports” and when I opened it up this morning, it had all today’s games lined up. As the games were played, the scores were very close to real time – especially great when you’re out and about.

It goes beyond that though. It gives goal scorers and yellow/red cards, as well as a blow by blow account of all the main events in the game (like the BBC sport site); once the game is over, you get a great in-depth review of the game. You also get a visual representation of all the shots in the match and where they were from etc.

You can add a number of sports/events to the app such as Champions League, Serie A, La Liga plus sports like Cricket, Baseball, NFL and more.

It’s been really useful today and I’m sure it will continue to be so. If you’re a sports fan Android user…go get it!

Fantasy Football Score Predictions League

Following on from my Fantasy Football league post, I realise that not everyone wants to invest the time into creating and maintaining a team so…

I’ve also created a league where all you do is predict the scores…quick and easy 🙂

This time, sign up/login in at:

Go to

“Mini Leagues”

and join with the following code:


Have fun!

Fantasy Football Twitter League

The UK football/soccer (I know I get quite a few US readers so there you go :-)) season starts tomorrow, August 14th, and it is exciting!


I’m a big fan of Fantasy Football and, despite not being very good at it, I do enjoy the process of selecting my team…”argh, I’ve only got 4 million left and I still need 2 midfielders and a defender!” and it also makes so many more games interesting. So rather than me only watching Utd’s game against Newcastle on Monday, a whole host of games are now almost as important, which makes it that much more interesting.

The other good side of Fantasy Football is the league. Competing against people with your memories of last season’s performances and often rash predictions for the upcoming season merging together into supreme confidence that you are, in fact, the new Alex Ferguson…brilliant 🙂

To that end, I’ve created my own private league on:

for my contacts on Twitter and also you, my awesome blog readers, to join!

Get yourself signed up, create a team, go to


on the left, then


and enter the special code:


Then you will be a member of the RFB Twitter League and the fun can begin!

I look forward to seeing you there 😉

Oh yeah – here’s my team…


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