My Anywhere Working Tips

Anywhere Working is getting more and more attention, and rightly so.

The idea that you have to be at your desk to be productive is as Old School as hi-top fades and Adidas trainers with no laces:



I remember seeing on Twitter that someone, I believe from L’Oreal said:

“Work is something you do, not somewhere you go”

and do you know what? I couldn’t agree more!


I know for a fact that there are some days where I get more done working from home than the office. Despite people’s homes being full of gadgets, they are almost always less distracting that a building full of people.

People asking questions, people falling over*, people knocking drinks over their keyboard*, people dragging you into ad-hoc meetings, people falling upstairs*, people saying that Spurs will beat United just loud enough that you HAVE to get involved and set them straight… there’s none of that in my house!

(*I say “people” it’s pretty much just 1 person here who does all that!)

So now that we all agree that it’s awesome and should be implemented immediately, what tips are there for making it a success? Funny you should ask Smile

1) Make sure you know your login details.

Sounds simple but the number of people I’ve heard of who’ve tried to work remotely only to realise they can’t get into their VPN, is actually quite big!

2) Make sure you’ve got your RSA dongle.

We get a lot of vendors in here working with our sales teams and they all log on to their vpn, for emails etc. and many use RSA dongles for 2-factor authentication. On more than one occasion, people have forgotten their dongle and had get back in the car, drive back to the office/home and pick it up. This can often mean 4 hours of driving for no reason at all!

3) Use Cloud Storage

Making sure you can access your data wherever you are is super important. I like to use SkyDrive / SharePoint Online to make sure that all my documents, notes, pricefiles etc. are easily available wherever I choose to work. There are SO many to choose from (Google/DropBox etc.) that there’s bound to be one that works for you.

4) Power

Make sure you’ve got access to a plug. These days when I travel by train, my number 1 mission is to get a seat with a free plug. Even if my device has got full battery and it’s a short journey, I still do it – just in case. Between using 3G, sending email, twitter, listening to music/podcasts etc. batteries have a LOT to contend with so here’s the mantra you should always repeat:


5) Food

If you’re at home, make sure the fridge* is full as it sucks if there’s nothing to eat. Another benefit of home working is being able to “graze” throughout the day and not have the big lunchtime rush…so makes sure you’ve got pepperamis/carrots/whatever you like and you’ll be sorted.

*image <—Not this Fridge!

6) Family

If you’re going to be at home, make sure they understand that you’re still actually working! For kids especially this can be hard for them to believe but I do believe that’s why Starbucks was invented Winking smile

7) Windows Phone

I’ve got a Nokia Lumia 800 and I find that Windows Phone is far and away the best smartphone OS for Anywhere Working.

I’ve got Exchange, Hotmail, Office 365 accounts all on there. I’ve got Office…that’s right OFFICE! Onenote syncs with my desktop at work keeping everything neat and tidy, Sharepoint hooked up to Sharepoint Online giving me access to all those documents, that are shared with colleagues for collaboration, nice and easily. Plus Excel & PowerPoint!

I find that I can do the vast majority of my Anywhere Working tasks just from my mobile – which is amazing and very 21st century Smile 

So all in all, make sure you’re prepared with passwords, batteries, dongles and food and you’ll be all sorted Winking smile

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