Apple have Flash rival in the making?

Apple and it’s objections to Adobe’s Flash product are well known, as Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) has been more than vocal about it!

Apple’s stance has been than they will use HTML5 for all web based content that Flash is currently used for but now it seems that Apple could have their own rival to both Flash AND HTML 5!

There have been a few reports that Apple’s Gianduia Framework (a name carrying on the theme of Cocoa) has been used to create a number of web apps such as:

  • Apple’s One-to-One program
  • iPhone Reservation System
  • Genius Bar Concierge Service

This shows that HTML5 isn’t a component of it and that Gianduia can exist in it’s own right.

The question is whether Apple started this project just in case HTML5 didn’t quite pan out in order to give them a backup up plan once they publically blasted Flash; or are they really looking to create their own entry into the market?

I’m tempted to say it’s the first option, that it was a “just in case” fallback but, knowing Apple’s reputation for wanting complete control over every aspect of their products this would be a wholly surprising move. However, as it’s a framework I guess it won’t be a complete competitor to Flash or indeed Microsoft’s Silverlight; rather something a little less feature rich so not a direct rival after all.

Has anyone got any more information or views on this subject? As always, the comments are open and you can get me on Twitter @richfrombechtle.

Head over to and Apple Insider for a further look.

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