Microsoft Exam Second Shot Vouchers

Microsot exams are a pretty integral part of any IT certification plans and now, thanks to a recent expansion of Microsoft’s schemes, I can offer free 2nd shot exam vouchers!

What are they?

If you’ve got an upcoming MS exam, the 2nd shot vouchers can help alleviate any worries you might have around not passing and having to pay for a second exam attempt 🙂

They are valid for

“all Microsoft IT Professional and developer certification exams and all Microsoft Dynamics exams (all 070 exams).”

and can be redeemed via Prometric testing sites.

“Each voucher is valid for one exam retake (if the first attempt failed) and one Practice Test discounted 40% before June 30, 2010”

So this gives you a great cushion in knowing that you can re-take it for free should something go wrong the first time you take it. Relieving that pressure can often give you the freedom you need to get it together and pass the exam first time anyway!

How do I get them?

If you’ve planning on taking a Microsoft exam and would like one of these vouchers, simply email me on:

and I will get the voucher created and sent over to you ASAP 🙂


Currently, the vouchers available are valid until June 30th 2010 which is a little over 2 months so there’s not too much time to dawdle!

Get emailing and get certified…good luck!

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