Microsoft’s Translate–a-Phone

Microsoft don’t always get the credit they deserve for being innovative, cutting-edge and cool but this new project is all those things.

Software that translates, pretty much on the fly, the real time conversation you’re having…with a real person…right now. Awesome and very useful! As you can see in the video below, it will transcribe and translate the audio and paste it into Office Communicator for you; it will then also allow you to archive that off into Exchange. Seeing,and hearing, the real time translation is pretty amazing…the German is being spoken at a regular, conversational rate and while there are some grammatical/syntaxical errors, it’s more than good enough to get the gist of what the other person is saying.

This is going to be hugely useful is so many areas, especially in multi-national corporations. Bechtle are in (I think) 14 countries and there are times that this would be brilliant.

Of our foreign locations, I have most contact with our German HQ and while I speak rudimentary German, and they pretty great English, sometimes that just isn’t enough. Particularly if discussing complicated/technical issues you don’t want the added complexity of words (if not sentences) being missed out or mis-understood…and this would go a long way to removing that element of doubt. I’m off to see if I can become some kind of tester for this 😉

Shout out to Tech Flash for this.

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