Microsoft Windows & The Saturdays

Microsoft have made a whole lot of progress in becoming “cooler” recently what with the I’m A PC & Rookies ad campaigns as well as the awesomeness of Windows 7. They’re now aligning themselves with pop culture quite well too-by hooking up with hot pop sensations-The Saturdays.


While most MS fanboys and IT Geeks are probably not the biggest fans of The Saturdays, this is a good move to get a whole new demographic playing with their products…most importantly a new young demographic.

Not only is Windows the official sponsor of the The Saturday’s upcoming nationwide tour, Microsoft have also created a new website They are encouraging people to take photos that capture the essence of summer, enhance them with Windows Live Photo Gallery and upload them to the site.


I remember a few weeks back seeing that one of the girls had tweeted “I’m a PC” and now this-they’re not you’re usual MS fanboysgirls!

Paul Davies, Consumer and Online Marketing Director, Microsoft UK said:

“At the moment a large number of images from digital camera and phones are never uploaded, they just stay on the machines rather than being shared and enjoyed, but with Windows Live Photo Gallery it’s very simple. You can upload, fix and share those Precious moments in your life that you never want to forget.”


Thanks to where I saw this.

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