Rip to Mobile direct from CD

Gizmodo have got a post about the new Sony Ericsson Premier 3 phone and it’s got one stand out feature; you can rip tracks from a cd direct to the phone.

This is brilliant feature and I fail to see why it’s taken this long for it to come about. Giz say:

“If you want to rip music from a CD, all you need to do is plug the player into the remote via a 3.5mm plug and you are good to go”

…that is awesome and would save me loads of time. Just the other day I found an old cd (3rd Bass, Nice n Smooth, Pharcyde etc) and started rocking out. Having remembered how great the songs were I wanted to put them on my phone for when I’m out and about, this of couse involved getting the PC on the scene, ripping to WMP and then syncing my device. Because of that it took me a few days to get around to it and was then nearly more hassle than it was worth-but this Sony Ericsson would circumvent all that.


Even without this long awaited (by me at least) feature, it looks like a pretty good device other than it being pink and only able to accept 2GB external cards.

I won’t be swapping my Diamond for this, but I will now be hoping that WinMo 6.5 or 7 devices will start to include this feature.

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