Microsoft Tanjay-Polycom CX700 OCS 2007 Phone

The Microsoft Tanjay is now known as the Polycom CX700 IP Phone for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007..nice and snappy! 🙂

**Update** I’ve seen now that Tanjay is actually a product range, which as well as the CX700 also includes the LG-Nortel 8540. I’m sure there will be more to follow too..

I heard about the Tanjay a while back but it’s taken me some time to track it down in it’s new incarnation and for that I must thank Frankarr. This thing is seriously cool in my opinion..

First off, it includes a “fully embedded Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Client” allowing access to all the features via it’s built in touch screen!!

You can “Click to Call” from the user list via the touch screen.

You can set /change your presence status through the touch screen and the LED on the front shows your presence status too.

It includes a biometric fingerprint reader for recognition and to provide personalized preferences.

I’m not 100% sure if this is available in the UK yet..I’ll check with Polycom at work on Monday. For now, here’s a pic:

For those of you that have a Tanjay phone, here’s an excellent blog post on how to get it set up, configured and working in your OCS environment – Configuring Tanjay for OCS.

To see my other posts about OCS 2007, go here.

2 Replies to “Microsoft Tanjay-Polycom CX700 OCS 2007 Phone”

  1. all the supported Phones are available on my blog , i am already using one of them on my desktop and it is just great
    the LG-Nortel IP Phone

    I only focus on Unified Communications from the Microsoft Side on the know how and the technical errors . here is my blog

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