Vista MUI’s-Extra Languages

Recently I’ve had a few people asking about MUI packs with Vista and it can be a bit confusing for all of us. As I hope this blog will become more well read than the Meditations of Mr Aurelius/Heat magazine I thought I’d post up the info here as a handy reference guide 🙂

MUI’s are only available with Vista Enterprise (Vista Business with Software Assurance) or Vista Ultimate, so OEM Vista Business isn’t eligible. Unless, you buy OEM Vista Business and then enroll it into Software Assurance.


The alternative is to download the LIP (Language Interface Pack), which is free and provides “a translated version of the most widely used areas of the user interface.” This means it does leave some areas in the “Parent Language” so for example if you had English Vista with a French LIP..some bits would still show up in English.


To see more information, go to:


or to download the LIP’s, you can go to:


I hope this helps but if you’ve got any questions/suggestions, drop a comment and let me know.





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